At your initial appointment you will have the opportunity to talk to the counsellor about the issues that are affecting your life. The counsellor may ask some questions to clarify that they understand what you are telling them. They will also explain the counselling therapy and will discuss with you what you hope to gain from counselling. If you wish to develop the counselling process your counsellor will discuss with you arrangements for further appointments and collate some basic information. This session will normally last 50-55 minutes, as will future sessions. You are in control of the counselling; you may leave a session at any time and can decide to finish at any time. Our normal pattern is that after 6 sessions both you and the counsellor will review progress made and identify problems still to be dealt with. There is no charge for counselling. See About Us

Should your Counsellor be personally known to you, you will be given the choice to see another Counsellor.


All discussions with your counsellor are confidential with some exceptions.

If you disclose any of the following your Counsellor may need to contact relevant services. This will be done with your full knowledge.

  • Allegations of child abuse which we cannot by law keep secret.
  • A serious crime has been committed or threatened.
  • Any risk to yourself or others.


Our counsellors are required to have monthly supervision. The supervisor will be an experienced counsellor with appropriate training for supervision and subscribe to the ethos of Talk it Over. At such sessions the counsellor may refer some of the therapeutic process of your sessions to the supervisor. This will be done in such a way that confidentiality will be protected. You will be identified by code only.

Record keeping

Talk it Over keeps brief factual confidential notes on all counselling sessions. All notes are kept secure and for a limited period and then shredded. Statistical information is also kept i.e. address post code, telephone number, and number of sessions offered and attended etc., all of which are subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.


You will be invited to complete feedback forms initially and at the end of your counselling. These help us to understand your needs and to improve our services.

Your cooperation would be appreciated.